DriveCrypt Plus Pack 5.45 (Crack loader) - Windows 10 UEFI System Encryption

(x32, X64 version)

DriveCrypt Plus Pack (DCPP) encrypts the entire operating system, partitions or the entire hard disk using AES 256.

DCPP file encryption software is automatic and completely transparent to the user. Not only does this decrease user involvement and training requirements, but also it creates the foundation for enforceable security. The careful integration of boot protection and automatic encryption provides a high degree of security with minimal impact on users. Boot protection prevents subversion of the operating system (via CD/USB boot-up, for example) or the introduction of rogue programs while sector by sector encryption makes it impossible to copy individual files for brute force attacks. DCPP Windows encryption safeguards the operating system and the important system files (which often contain clues to passwords for Windows).

DCPP can create a fake “prepared” operating system:

If somebody forces you to reveal the Password, you can provide a "second password" and the system will boot the prepared/fake operating system. The adversary will not be able to determine if he is using the fake or real system.
Alternatively, if you are forced to reveal a password, the “destruction password” can be used to irremediably destroy all data

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