I'm awesome!

Hi, I'm Eric Pinheiro (Syniphas), 17 year old MASTER OF ALL ARTS (ha ha ha no)
I have some expertise in areas such as music (chiptunes, trackers, sequencers), graphics (Photoshop, pixel art, ASCII/ANSI art), and some mediocre programming (FreeBasic).
My main hobby is making stuff aided by a trustworthy 2008 dual-core computer for fun, mostly audiovisual arts (think of me as a failing demogroup of one).

If you wish to contact me about anything related to my website or requests, even just for the hell of it, you can do so at:
Syniphas (at) drx (dot) pl
Google+: Eric Pinheiro
Twitter: @Syniphas

I am available for music and graphical collabs, as well as requests for your own project. For more details, email me.

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